Three factors to consider to find the right Big Bag

Posted on 16 December 2019

There are many options when it comes to FIBCs. With customization and modified atmosphere packaging, it is possible to create an FIBC that is almost unique and fits your needs perfectly. But what factors do you keep in mind? In this blog, we collected three main factors you should take into account in your choice.

1. The product

Almost anything can be packed and transported with FIBCs, but choosing the right kind actually could benefit the packed goods significantly. Questions to ask yourself, and things to keep in mind:

  • Is it a high temperature or hazardous product? Read about all the precautions you can take for this here!
  • In the case of food and pharmaceuticals, take into account that not all materials are suitable and allowed for packing those products. In our R&D center, we perform tests to ensure you meet the standards and requirements of your target market.
  • What is the density of your product? In some cases, take into account that it should not leak through (the seams) of the bag. Read this blog about liners to learn more about keeping your product safe.

By answering these questions, you’ll be one step closer to choosing a FIBCs that fits your needs perfectly and will have a positive effect on your entire supply chain.

2. Filling and discharging

Knowing how you will fill and discharge your FIBCs is imperative. It determines what top and spouts you need. Also, take into account the static electricity that can be produced during these processes. There are four categories of bags that help you determine which FIBCs are safe to use if you work with static electricity. Read all about these types and the implications here!

3. Safety, storage, and transport

Although obvious, we won’t fail to mention it: safety comes first. When choosing your FIBC, take the Safe Working Load of the bag into account and the density and weight of the product you want to transport. Also consider the effect the conditions during transport can have on the bag and product, such as temperature. Lastly, keep in mind what would be ideal when it comes to storage: are you looking for stackable Big Bags or not? Find out more about the shapes and forms that FIBCs come in, in this blog.

Our team of experts is ready to help you pick the perfect bag. Get in touch for advice and a tailor-made solution today!

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