FIBCs with high temperature and hazardous products

Posted on 10 juni 2019

As bulk bags are being used more frequently in food, pharma, and chemical industries, there are more and more questions about the actual limitations of these versatile bags. The demand for bags that can withstand high temperatures and dangerous chemicals is rising. In this blog, we explain more about the possibilities of using FIBCs for high-temperature and hazardous products.


High temperatures, high standards

How hot can the product be before an FIBC fails? Which liners allow high temperatures? There are many questions to be answered in order to safely use flexible intermediate bulk containers in high-temperature applications.

As we explained in our FAQs about FIBCs, bulk bags are made out of polypropylene. This fabric can technically withstand heat exposure around a maximum of 20°C until the material starts to shift on a molecular level, and therefore loosen. However, the stretching and thus the risks are limited with these temperatures: The hotter, the higher the risks. Standard bags can typically hold products that are up to 90°C. Anything over this temperature could cause damage to the material of the big bag, and therefore the product inside. If you are required to fill a lined FIBC at higher temperatures than this, the use of specially designed high-temperature container liners is recommended. These allow a maximum filling temperature of 145°C.

Hazardous goods in Big Bags

FIBCs in combination with dangerous chemicals, also ask for extra precaution. When dealing with pharmaceutical grade materials, the type of bag that often suffices is a food grade bag. These bags have higher manufacturing standards that make them safe for food applications. However, some products need even more precaution. Products or chemicals that are hazardous and need to be transported, are typically carried in UN Certified FIBCs. These bags are specifically designed and manufactured to safely transport hazardous materials. They have undergone extensive testing and are specifically labeled to easily identify the contents of the bag.

Your product, our concern

Masterpack has many innovative solutions to safely carry your product to its place of destination. All our solutions are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of your product. In our Research & Development centre, we can find the perfect fit for your product. Want to know more about the possibilities? Get in touch with our dedicated team of experts.


Want to work towards sustainable supply chain management?

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