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19 November 2020

3 Common Misconceptions about Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Modified Atmosphere is still relatively new to some markets, and therefore it can still cause some confusion. We’re here today to clarify three common misconceptions about... Read more

13 November 2020

Implementing Modified Atmosphere: What you will need

Making the switch to Modified Atmosphere is a big one, and it comes with quite the changes in your processes. But before even plugging in the new machine or feeling the new... Read more

16 October 2020

Modified Atmosphere for the Cannabis Industry

There’s a relatively new market slowly but surely transitioning to Modified Atmosphere as the standard for packaging: the cannabis industry. Hemp is a special and delicate... Read more

1 October 2020

3 Reasons the Food Industry is choosing Modified Atmosphere Packaging

There are many applications for MAP, but especially the food industry has picked up on it. And we can’t blame them: the list of benefits for that specific sector is long and... Read more

17 September 2020

The elements of a Modified Atmosphere FIBC explained

Modified Atmosphere Packaging comes in all shapes and sizes. Big Bags are, unsurprisingly, the biggest one amongst them. We’ve picked apart our FIBCs to explain what elements a... Read more

21 August 2020

Safely handling FIBCs: this is what you need to know

With Big Bags, come big responsibilities. Working with FIBCs is a delicate task — even though their size is not. How do you handle them correctly during filling, transport, and... Read more

9 July 2020

FIBC applications: ultra-high-performance Big Bags for Mining

From food to chemicals and from powders to stones: FIBCs are as versatile as it gets. In this blog, we highlight the application for mining and mineral products. Let’s take a look... Read more

18 June 2020

UN Sustainable Development Goals: how we are working on a better future

how we are working on a better future It is clear that things have to change. The way we consume and produce has a huge impact on climate and social problems all across the globe.... Read more