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15 September 2021

Clean Rooms and Certifications: How we keep your products safe

Packaging your products seems like the most straightforward way to protect your products from any external influences. But that whole process starts with choosing the right... Read more

3 September 2021

5 Industries that benefit from Modified Atmosphere Packaging

If you think about Modified Atmosphere Packaging, you automatically think of all the implications for the food industry. Longer shelf life, no pests, and no chemicals: the... Read more

23 July 2021

What farmers and food producers should know about Modified Atmosphere

There are countless ways to ‘get rid’ of pests and insects in food produce like rice. But is the way you’ve always done it really the best one? Let’s look at why Modified... Read more

2 July 2021

How to seal liners for maximal safety

You can have the highest quality products in the world - if they’re not handled correctly, they won’t do their job. The same goes for our liners.  Read more

24 June 2021

Masterpack On RTL Z. Take A Look Inside!

Ever wondered how your peanuts or rice made it all the way from the other side of the world — where they grow in nature, dirt, surrounded by plants — and make it safe and sound to... Read more

3 June 2021

FIBCs in Agriculture

We talk a lot about how FIBCs benefit businesses, and are especially popular for food. But if we take one step back, we see another industry that benefits from these versatile... Read more

19 May 2021

Masterpack and EcoVadis: a sustainable ‘now’

A sustainable future starts with what you do today. With that in mind, Masterpack embarked on a mission that started in 2019. We wanted to improve our sustainability score. Today,... Read more

10 May 2021

How to determine if you can reuse an FIBC

Sustainability and safety go hand in hand. And there’s much more to be done than recycling and repurposing products, Big Bags included. However, there are certain cases in which... Read more