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24 September 2020

The Importance of Permeability in Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Modified Atmosphere packaging works two ways: it keeps the quality of the product in, and pests and contamination out. To keep the outer and inner world of the packaged product... Read more

17 September 2020

The elements of a Modified Atmosphere FIBC explained

Modified Atmosphere Packaging comes in all shapes and sizes. Big Bags are, unsurprisingly, the biggest one amongst them. We’ve picked apart our FIBCs to explain what elements a... Read more

28 August 2020

How MAP benefits your business

We’ve explained the advantages of modified atmosphere packaging for the products you pack: maintained quality, extended shelf life, and the protection against pests and... Read more

21 August 2020

Safely handling FIBCs: this is what you need to know

With Big Bags, come big responsibilities. Working with FIBCs is a delicate task — even though their size is not. How do you handle them correctly during filling, transport, and... Read more

6 August 2020

Fighting mold growth with Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Consumers continue to seek healthier food options, such as fresh fruit and vegetables. Fresh products like these come with their own challenges for producers, one of them being... Read more

31 July 2020

How MAP helps maintain the taste and smell of food products

Thanks to globalization, we can enjoy the taste and flavors from all over the world, wherever we are. That is, if those tastes and flavors don’t get lost before they reach your... Read more

23 July 2020

More than marketing: Smart Food Packaging Solutions

The general four basic functions of packaging are protection, communication, convenience, and containment. But in the battle against food waste and other sustainability... Read more

17 July 2020

Safely recycling and reusing FIBCs

Big Bags have the potential to make a positive impact on the environment when used in the right way. Some FIBCs can be used multiple times or even recycled. Want to know more... Read more