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30 november 2023

How Modified Atmosphere Packaging Benefits Cashew Nuts

Cashew nuts are a delicious and nutritious snack, and we often don’t think much about how they ended up in our mix of nuts. But behind the scenes of the supermarket, prolonged... Read more

3 november 2023

5 Reasons FIBCs are Ideal for Shipping and Storing Fine Powders

The versatility of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) means they can be used across a wide range of industries, from food to pharmaceuticals. Fine powders are used... Read more

25 augustus 2023

Which factors should you consider when selecting Modified Atmosphere Packaging materials?

Choosing the materials for your FIBC is just as important as composing the right mixture of gases for Modified Atmosphere Packaging. In this article, we’ll look at all the factors... Read more

26 juli 2023

The benefits of storing hazelnuts under Modified Atmosphere packaging

Hazelnuts are a beloved ingredient used in various recipes and products, from chocolates to spreads and beyond. However, storing hazelnuts can pose a challenge due to their high... Read more

6 juli 2023

Which gases are typically used in MAP? (And which aren’t?)

Choosing the right composition of gases to make a bag of rice last a lot longer: it’s almost an art form. Read more

27 juni 2023

Sistercompany Somsix winner of NL Packaging Awards!

Our sistercompany Somsix won the NL Packaging Awards in the Innovation Technology category! Read more

16 juni 2023

Masterpack has become a member of the EFIBCA!

We are proud to announce that we have become a member of the EFIBCA! Read more

15 juni 2023

3 powders and their storage challenges: how MAP helps

Storing powders can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to maintaining the quality of the product. Whether it is krill meal, fish meal or dairy powder, these... Read more