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19 May 2022

Testing packaging for food and pharma

Especially in the food and pharma industry, safety is a crucial factor in choosing the right material. The requirements and regulations regarding food and pharma packaging have... Read more

3 May 2022

What are FIBCs made of?

 In this blog, we will dive deeper into the material that bulk bags, otherwise called FIBCs are made of. We'll take a look at the characteristics, helping you make the right... Read more


22 April 2022

Big Bag benefits for agricultural products

From the moment of filling at the farm to the discharging at the manufacturer or re-seller: Big Bags offer big advantages in agricultural businesses. Especially for the storage of... Read more


7 April 2022

How MAP changed the food industry forever

Oxygen as the enemy: it seems like a big contradiction, but in the food industry it couldn’t be truer. Food producers have known for decades that exposing food to air,... Read more

24 March 2022

Masterpack reaches EcoVadis Gold status

In 2021, we announced we had reached the silver score for EcoVadis standard, but also that we weren't stopping there: we were going for gold. And now in 2022, we have made it. Read more

4 March 2022

Masterpack x UNICEF: Plastic waste as building blocks for the future

We’re pledging to take care of the future and sustainability - which also means we are taking care of future generations. Together with UNICEF, we can make our efforts more... Read more

18 February 2022

5 Ways Modified Atmosphere Packaging Protects Food

Modified Atmosphere Packaging is not just here to protect food products from going ‘bad’. Ripening and molding are just two factors that put your product at risk, and Modified... Read more

4 February 2022

New product: MA Valve 125

We’re continuously improving our existing products, and are also developing new ones to better fit your needs. And after years of hard work in close cooperation with Somsix, it's... Read more

18 January 2022

How high-quality FIBCs are manufactured

FIBCs are known to carry all kinds of products—from heavy metals to delicate pharmaceutical products. This means that the bags have to be versatile, flexible and most of all: safe... Read more