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25 November 2021

Making the switch to MA — What you need to know

Are you ready to change the atmosphere in your business? Read more

10 November 2021

UN-grade bags: tried and tested for hazardous products

The transportation and storage of dangerous goods calls for specific expertise. Not only the product needs to be protected from external factors. The environment and people... Read more

14 October 2021

Smart Farming and Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Everything is smart nowadays, from our phones to our fridges. But it doesn't stop there. Smart Farming is being adopted across the globe, and is especially making a big difference... Read more

27 September 2021

Checklist: how to choose the right FIBC for your product

We’re not big believers in one-size-fits-all concepts, and always try to find or create the exact right bag for our customers. But what factors determine what type of bag you need... Read more

15 September 2021

Clean Rooms and Certifications: How we keep your products safe

Packaging your products seems like the most straightforward way to protect your products from any external influences. But that whole process starts with choosing the right... Read more

3 September 2021

5 Industries that benefit from Modified Atmosphere Packaging

If you think about Modified Atmosphere Packaging, you automatically think of all the implications for the food industry. Longer shelf life, no pests, and no chemicals: the... Read more

20 August 2021

Masterpack's Liner Guide

Everything you need to know about the liners from the future. Read more

9 August 2021

The road to fully recyclable liners

At Masterpack we are continuously looking for ways to make our products more sustainable. As we use plastic bags, recycling seems like the most straightforward solution - yet this... Read more