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31 December 2020

Masterpack: your one-stop solution provider for Modified Atmosphere

Creating a customized modified atmosphere in a big bag, that is exactly right for your product, takes some time and tools. From researching the ideal composition of air to sealing... Read more

18 December 2020

Safe and fast quality control for Modified Atmosphere Packaging

If gasses, permeability, and quality control are three main factors in a successful Modified Atmosphere, how can you combine those? Doing checks in a closed atmosphere, without... Read more

8 December 2020

NEW: Somsix - everything you need for Modified Atmosphere Packaging

At Masterpack, we believe that sustainable solutions should be the standard - not an exclusive exception. Easy accessibility and expert advice are two key factors in achieving... Read more

19 November 2020

3 Common Misconceptions about Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Modified Atmosphere is still relatively new to some markets, and therefore it can still cause some confusion. We’re here today to clarify three common misconceptions about... Read more

13 November 2020

Implementing Modified Atmosphere: What you will need

Making the switch to Modified Atmosphere is a big one, and it comes with quite the changes in your processes. But before even plugging in the new machine or feeling the new... Read more

10 November 2020

4 Tips to Prevent Pests in your facility and FIBCs

Wherever in the world you are, there will be insects that are anything but welcome in your Big Bags. Whether it’s right after harvesting at the farms, or in production facilities:... Read more

29 October 2020

Pest control methods: Fumigation vs Modified atmosphere

Pests have and always will pose a great risk to food products. The impact of one small insect is huge, be it on the company or the health of consumers. Many methods for pest... Read more

23 October 2020

4 Common Challenges When Filling Bulk Bags

Filling Big Bags should always be done with care: their size imposes some significant safety issues. But especially when using Modified Atmosphere, the filling process for FIBCs... Read more