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3 June 2021

FIBCs in Agriculture

We talk a lot about how FIBCs benefit businesses, and are especially popular for food. But if we take one step back, we see another industry that benefits from these versatile... Read more

26 May 2021

How to safely store bulk bags outside

In some cases during transport or an unforeseen event at the warehouse, an FIBC will have to spend the night - or day - outside, exposed to the elements. Is this an issue? How can... Read more

19 May 2021

Masterpack and EcoVadis: a sustainable ‘now’

A sustainable future starts with what you do today. With that in mind, Masterpack embarked on a mission that started in 2019. We wanted to improve our sustainability score. Today,... Read more

10 May 2021

How to determine if you can reuse an FIBC

Sustainability and safety go hand in hand. And there’s much more to be done than recycling and repurposing products, Big Bags included. However, there are certain cases in which... Read more

30 April 2021

FIBC and crucial quality standards

Quality control is one of the most crucial aspects in your supply chain. Not only for your products, but also for your packaging solutions. After all, the two are directly... Read more

22 April 2021

Keeping Moist Products Safe in FIBCs

We already covered how to safely handle flammable or combustible materials with FIBCs, but there’s another special category we’d like to highlight: wet materials.  Read more

16 April 2021

How to Safely Stack FIBCs

The big benefit of FIBCs is that they can easily be stacked, meaning you can make the most use of your storage room. But when stacking Big Bags, there are some safety measures to... Read more

13 April 2021

Big Bags getting better: Innovation in FIBCs

While markets such as the food sector are ever-evolving, there’s one industry that has to keep up (or even try to be ahead): the packaging industry. Products develop, market needs... Read more

2 April 2021

What you need to know about palletizing Big Bags

Big Bags come with big advantages: being able to safely store and transport such big amounts of your product is great for business — if it is done correctly, that is. Pallets are... Read more