How shelf life extension with MAP enhances market reach and innovation

Posted on 27 May 2024

Extending the shelf life of your products with MAP makes a big difference, but not just in terms of food preservation. Of course, sustainability is the most important reason for improving product life cycles, but it comes with additional benefits.

Because when done right, shelf life extension is a strategic advantage that impacts multiple facets of your business, from market reach and innovation to regulatory compliance and sustainability. Let's look at the impact that Modified Atmosphere Packaging can have on your competitive advantage. 

Innovating to meet consumer trends

When your products have a longer shelf life, it becomes easier to adapt to consumer preferences. Modern consumers increasingly go for products that offer convenience without compromising quality or environmental impact. 

By extending product shelf life, you position your brand as both innovative and responsive to these needs. More long-lasting products cater to busy lifestyles where frequent shopping trips are less desirable, and they align with the growing consumer demand for sustainability.

One innovation you could consider is facilitating subscription models or tapping into the E-commerce market. Because longer shelf life opens the door to business models that rely on less frequent, but more predictable, purchasing patterns, such as subscription services. 

These types of models are becoming increasingly popular in sectors like specialty foods, pet supplies, and personal care. Extended shelf life is also crucial for the expansion of e-commerce in these sectors, as it reduces the risks that come with selling perishable goods online.

Getting access to global markets

Extending shelf life allows food producers to enter new markets, across borders. Products remain fresh for longer which means there are fewer barriers to long-distance transportation, and less risk of product loss due to spoilage. 

This is a game-changer for businesses looking to expand internationally, especially into regions where the supply chain may involve longer transit times or less reliable storage facilities.

And, as your products gain a stable foothold in new markets, their extended shelf life gives you more time to understand and adapt to local tastes and preferences without having the pressure of rapidly rotating stock. You can refine your products to better align with cultural preferences and seasonal demands.

Explore the options for shelf life extension with Masterpack

Shelf life extension through MAP is available for more and more products. If you want to find out what solutions we have in store for your business, reach out to our team of experts and get tailored advice. 

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