4 Common Challenges When Filling Bulk Bags

Posted on 23 October 2020

Filling Big Bags should always be done with care: their size imposes some significant safety issues. But especially when using Modified Atmosphere, the filling process for FIBCs is crucial, to make sure the Modified Atmosphere can be applied in the most optimal way. Here’s what to keep in mind.

The most important factors to keep in mind:

  • The surface on which the bag is standing
  • The sealing of the bag
  • The Safe Working Load of the bag
  • Dust mitigation and static electricity

1: Ensure Proper Support for the bag

It all starts with a solid base. Your Big Bag needs enough support during the filling process. If this isn’t the case, the bag may lean over or even fall during filling. This could harm employees and do damage to machines. Plus, product could be spilled and go to waste.

A forklift is not a suitable base for filling. Even though they can handle the weight, it is not safe for those who are operating it.

Always use a suitable and solid filling frame that is able to support the weight of the bag and creates a safe working environment.

2: Use the right Sealing System

Got your bag filled in a safe and efficient way? Without a proper sealing system, it was all for nothing. Use only suitable sealing devices and don't force the spout in an awkward position to be able to seal the bag.

3: Keep the SWL in mind to prevent Overfilling or Overloading

There’s only so much weight a Big Bag can safely carry. Even though not exceeding the Safe Working Load seems like an obvious measure, there’s something else to be said about the amount of product you put in the bag. It’s not just overloading by weight, but also overfilling by size that poses a risk. Apart from safety risks during filling, storage, and transport for your employees (in the case of ripping off lift loops), it could also harm the bag and with that the product. Think falling over, bursting, or ripping at the seams.

4: Know your product to prevent Static charge and Dust Mitigation

You want to make sure your employees are not exposed to dust while the bag is being filled. Ensure good ventilation on the production site.

During filling, there is also the risk of dust explosion, depending on the material you are handling. Some materials create a static charge as they flow, creating dust clouds with static electricity. This could lead to a spark and potential explosion.

We dive deeper into static electricity in this blog, so make sure to check that out.

Your product, our concern

Our experts will gladly tell you more about the safe handling of your Big Bags, because this determines the success of our Modified Atmosphere. We also deliver seal and vacuum machines. Want to know more about safety, preparations, and precautions, or our products? Reach out to find out more.

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