Safety first: things to keep in mind when choosing an FIBC

Posted on 22 november 2019

The safety of an FIBC is not only related to the product inside and protecting it from pests and contamination. Where it goes and how it will be handled also plays a big part in picking the right one. In this blog, we’ll go over some of the safety issues that are related to handling Big Bags.


The working load of your FIBC is one of the most important factors in handling it safely. They are named Big Bags for a reason, and with that come big risks. When FIBCs are being moved around by workers and equipment, take into account the Safe Working Load (SWL) and Safety Factor (SF).

The Safe Working Load is the maximum safe weight carrying capacity of the bag itself. The weight and construction of the fabric and the weight, width and length of the lifting loops, it all affects the strength and maximum weight the bulk bag can hold. Also, keep in mind that not all FIBCs are meant to be used more than once. Do not reuse bags labeled as “Use Once Only” or “Single Trip Only”.

Static Electricity

It might not cross your mind, but static electricity also plays a big part in safely handling FIBCs. Avoid the dangers of storing combustible products by knowing which type of bag fits your product, especially when storing and transporting flammable or combustible materials.


Static electricity can build up when bulk bags are filled and discharged by the flowing of finely powdered substances. There are four specific types of bags, each with their own defined safe uses. Find out which type is safe for your situation in this dedicated blog.


Masterpack keeps your product safe

Our experts can give you more information on any safety concerns you may have regarding FIBCs. Read our other blogs, on working with high temperatures and hazardous materials, or get in touch directly!

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