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4 maart 2022

Masterpack x UNICEF: Plastic waste as building blocks for the future

We’re pledging to take care of the future and sustainability - which also means we are taking care of future generations. Together with UNICEF, we can make our efforts more... Read more

18 februari 2022

5 Ways Modified Atmosphere Packaging Protects Food

Modified Atmosphere Packaging is not just here to protect food products from going ‘bad’. Ripening and molding are just two factors that put your product at risk, and Modified... Read more

4 februari 2022

New product: MA Valve 125

We’re continuously improving our existing products, and are also developing new ones to better fit your needs. And after years of hard work in close cooperation with Somsix, it's... Read more

18 januari 2022

How high-quality FIBCs are manufactured

FIBCs are known to carry all kinds of products—from heavy metals to delicate pharmaceutical products. This means that the bags have to be versatile, flexible and most of all: safe... Read more

10 december 2021

How FIBCs improve efficiency and productivity

If you’re looking to speed things up in your facility or supply chain, don’t immediately jump to more staff or more machines: sometimes less is in fact, more. Read more

25 november 2021

Making the switch to MA — What you need to know

Are you ready to change the atmosphere in your business? Read more

29 oktober 2021

Keeping Food Fresh While it Travels - Without Preservatives

Let’s be real here: most of the food you eat is better-traveled than you are. It’s come from Asia, Africa, America, Australia, and anywhere in between. Places that are still on... Read more

14 oktober 2021

Smart Farming and Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Everything is smart nowadays, from our phones to our fridges. But it doesn't stop there. Smart Farming is being adopted across the globe, and is especially making a big difference... Read more

15 september 2021

Clean Rooms and Certifications: How we keep your products safe

Packaging your products seems like the most straightforward way to protect your products from any external influences. But that whole process starts with choosing the right... Read more