Masterpack reaches EcoVadis Gold status

Posted on 24 maart 2022

In 2021, we announced we had reached the silver score for EcoVadis standard, but also that we weren't stopping there: we were going for gold. And now in 2022, we have made it.

Creating a better tomorrow in all aspects has always been high on our agenda, and ever since we started reporting to EcoVadis we’ve made incredible progress.

What we did

EcoVadis allows us to zoom in on Labor and Human Rights, Environment, Business Ethics and Sustainable Procurement. With the help of our sustainability partner NEXIO PROJECTS we completed the assessment for 2021 with a silver rating, and kicked off 2022 with a gold rating, meaning we are in the top 5% (overall score between 67 and 74).

To reach the Gold status, we have drawn up new policies and targets for the year 2022 and the coming years, up to 2025. We have looked at the percentage of recycled material, CO2 emissions, green energy, and other factors that we can improve on. We have also updated many procedures, written new procedures for training, and obtained new certifications, including in the field of human rights. 

We recognize that our role in the supply chain is big and we can make a significant impact by improving the way we work, in different fields. 

Up next: Ecovadis Platinum

Of course, we won’t be stopping at Gold—there’s a Platinum standard to be reached—and a lot of further advancements to be made, day by day. In order to reach the Platinum status, we have to submit an annual sustainability report, among other things. We’re preparing for this by taking a deep dive into sustainability with hopefully soon our own sustainability manager who can help us to an even higher level. 

Want to know more about our stance on sustainability? Check out our Sustainability page.

Want to work towards sustainable supply chain management?

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