How FIBCs improve efficiency and productivity

Posted on 10 december 2021

If you’re looking to speed things up in your facility or supply chain, don’t immediately jump to more staff or more machines: sometimes less is in fact, more.

In this article we’ll explore how FIBCs and the tools they come with can save you valuable time, if you use them right.

What do you need?

Start with examining the existing workflow in your facility or warehouse. Identify pain points and bottlenecks. What is taking most of your time, and space, and are there alternatives? Here’s what you should pay attention to.

Small bags are more labor-intensive than Bulk Bags

It simply takes more time to fill or empty 10 small bags than it would to do 2 Big Bags. The same goes for handling and transporting them.

Save space

Efficiency isn’t just your actions, it’s also about how you are making use of your space. If you are using boxes rather than Big Bags, chances are you’re losing square meters. Boxes come with a set shape and size, regardless of their contents, whereas FIBCs adapt to the product inside them — and are easier to store when they’re not filled. 

Your filling and discharging system

It might be time to finally invest in an automatic system for filling and charging your Big bags. Many of these machines can fill up to 40 Big Bags per hour — often a lot more than you could with an old-fashioned system. An additional benefit is that it takes less staff, and those who are working with it don't have to be as close to the machines — which increases safety.

Bags on pallets

Pallets are another great way to save time: simply by moving several big bags on a pallet instead of doing it one by one. Look into systems like automatic stretch wrappers to make it even easier.

Where to start?

Let’s circle back to the beginning: automation and efficiency is a unique challenge for every business. It’s crucial that you don't simply implement new things without figuring out what has priority first.

Are you ready to make the switch to FIBCs?

Tell us about your packaging needs and challenges — our team is here to help.

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