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6 August 2020

Fighting mold growth with Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Consumers continue to seek healthier food options, such as fresh fruit and vegetables. Fresh products like these come with their own challenges for producers, one of them being... Read more

31 July 2020

How MAP helps maintain the taste and smell of food products

Thanks to globalization, we can enjoy the taste and flavors from all over the world, wherever we are. That is, if those tastes and flavors don’t get lost before they reach your... Read more

25 June 2020

Battling food waste with smart packaging solutions

It’s no news that food waste is still a huge problem. The impact on the environment, society and agriculture is immense and all across the globe, people are looking for solutions.... Read more

18 June 2020

UN Sustainable Development Goals: how we are working on a better future

how we are working on a better future It is clear that things have to change. The way we consume and produce has a huge impact on climate and social problems all across the globe.... Read more

11 June 2020

What you need to know about Modified Atmosphere and Contamination Risks

The road from food production to distribution is a long one. Each step of the process poses a different risk in terms of food contamination. In this blog, we explain what these... Read more

4 June 2020

The effect of Modified Atmosphere Packaging on various food products

We have talked about the benefits of Modified Atmosphere packaging before, how it increases the shelf life of food products, without the use of chemicals. But when we take a... Read more

28 May 2020

The value of Modified Atmosphere Packaging in times of Covid-19

The coronavirus has affected everyone and every aspect of life. This pandemic comes with challenges we’ve never seen before, in many fields and markets. The earlier run on... Read more

8 May 2020

How we cut back on waste with custom-made liners

Depending on the material they’re made of, FIBC liners are not the easiest to recycle. Many Big Bag liners are polythene liners, commonly referred to as PE liners. In order to... Read more