How to Safely Stack FIBCs

Posted on 16 April 2021

The big benefit of FIBCs is that they can easily be stacked, meaning you can make the most use of your storage room. But when stacking Big Bags, there are some safety measures to strictly follow. An accident with a heavy bag like that could have some big consequences. 

There are several ways in which you can stack FIBCs during transport or storage. Whichever you choose should protect not only the products that are being stored, but also the material of the bag. 

Support and stability

If you are stacking your Big Bags two or more high, stability is crucial. Therefore, it’s recommended that you stack them against at least two walls. If this is not possible, the pyramid method should be used.

Let’s look at the stacking methods you can choose from and some additional advice on safely stacking your bags. 

Pyramid stacking

This is a method of free stacking, in which no supporting walls are used. You create a pyramid structure with larger tiers at the bottom, and smaller tiers when you build another layer. 

Supported stacking

Especially during transport, supported stacking can be the preferred method: it limits the shifting of material on the road or water. With supported stacking, you build towers of bags against two or three walls.

FIBC stacking Tips

Whichever method you pick, there are some tips on stacking your Big Bags that always apply. 

  • Don't push bags into a stack. It could damage the bag and the product, and cause the stack to become less stable. 
  • If you need to remove an FIBC from a stack and it’s not on the top layer, never try to pull or push it out. Ultimately, you could damage more bags. Simply take off each layer until you can safely reach the bag you need. 
  • Don’t multi stack when: 
    • Bags have irregular shapes
    • Bags can't handle extra weight on top
    • A stack is leaning/unstable

Want to know more about FIBCs and safety? Check out this blog. 

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