FIBC and crucial quality standards

Posted on 30 April 2021

Quality control is one of the most crucial aspects in your supply chain. Not only for your products, but also for your packaging solutions. After all, the two are directly connected. 

We’ve explained the importance of quality control in relation to Modified Atmosphere Packaging before, but even when you’re using ‘regular’ FIBCs, it requires attention. 

Quality control is important for safety. For consumers, the people handling the bags, for your business. In this blog, we’ll give you some tips on what quality control for FIBCs should look like and what elements to keep an eye on. 

Clean bags

Don't overlook the importance of how clean the bag is that you’re producing. Producing in Cleanrooms will not only eliminate the risk of big dirt — such as insects and trash, but also of smaller dust particles. This could be especially important for bags intended to be used in food or pharma. 

Batch numbers

For FIBCs, batch numbers play a big part in the safety and quality of bags and products. They tell you a lot more than you think. Where has the bag been, what weight can it carry? If faulty bags are discovered, batch numbers are crucial in identifying where they came from and where they went, making sure a recall can be done in time.

Strength of the bag

While we love recycling, we want to urge our partners to only do this with bags if it’s safe to do so. FIBCs are produced with a certain strength and can only be safely used a limited number of times. You should be able to track back if the bag has been used already, using the batch numbers we mentioned above.

The right material

Make sure you order the right type of bag: A, B, C or D. The material plays a considerable role in the safety around your bags, especially when flammable materials are being shipped.  

Batch testing

You’ll want to work with a manufacturer who religiously tests his bags for durability, overall performance and quality. Because while batch numbers help in recalls, you’ll want to prevent this altogether. 

Not sure if the quality is what it should be?

When in doubt, don’t use the bags. Get back to your supplier and figure out the issue and solutions. 

Want to know more about what a great partnership between a business and FIBC supplier looks like? We’d like to show you first hand. Get in touch with our team to find out more. 

Want to work towards sustainable supply chain management?

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