Cleanrooms: more than just clean

Posted on 16 juni 2022

It is more than just a clean room, unlike that of any random teenager. Cleanrooms play a big part in our production process and are a big factor in keeping food and pharmaceutical products safe. In this blog, we explain more about Cleanrooms and how they make a difference in our packaging solutions.

A different kind of clean

A cleanroom is defined in the ISO standard 14644-1 as:

  • “A room in which the concentration of airborne particles is controlled, and which is constructed and used in a manner to minimize the introduction, generation, and retention of particles inside the room and in which other relevant parameters, e.g. temperature, humidity, and pressure, are controlled as necessary”

In other words, it is a facility ordinarily utilized for industrial production or scientific research. They are designed to maintain extremely low levels of particulates such as dust, airborne organisms or vaporized particles, keeping products and technology safe. Cleanrooms are therefore not only used for packaging purposes. Biotechnology, pharmaceutical applications, research, and micromechanics also make use of Cleanrooms, in various levels and classifications.

Classifications of Cleanrooms

There are various classifications of Cleanrooms, depending on how clean the air is. This is measured by the number of particles per cubic meter at a predetermined molecule measure.

To paint the picture: The air in a typical urban area contains 35,000,000 particles for each cubic meter in the size range of 0.5 μm and bigger. This would classify as an ISO 9 Cleanroom. Masterpack works with Class 10.000 and Class 100.000 Cleanrooms, which is the equivalent of ISO 7 and ISO 8.


Keeping it neat

Cleanrooms are crucial in the safe packaging of products in the medical and some food industries. To minimize the introduction, generation, and retention of particles in cleanrooms, there are some measures to be taken:

  • Large quantities of filtered air with high-efficiency filers dilute and remove particles, chemicals, and bacteria. This air also pressurizes the room, making sure that no contaminated air can flow into the cleanroom.
  • Cleanroom operators wear protective garments, minimizing the possible dispersion of particles such as hair or skin flakes.
  • Cleanrooms are built out of materials that don’t generate contaminants or particles and are easy to clean.


Keep your products safe with Masterpack

We have extensive experience in dealing with delicate products in many industries. Get in touch with our experts to see how we can help you keep your products safe and fresh.

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