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5 August 2019

Changing FIBC suppliers: Take note

Sometimes, change is good. In optimizing your business or supply chain, it is even inevitable. When the time comes to switch between Big Bag suppliers, it is important to... Read more


18 June 2019

How nitrogen extends your product’s shelf life

Nitrogen is one of the most popular gases used in modified atmosphere packaging. By replacing the oxygen inside the packaging with nitrogen, we are able to dramatically elongate... Read more


10 June 2019

FIBCs with high temperature and hazardous products

As bulk bags are being used more frequently in food, pharma, and chemical industries, there are more and more questions about the actual limitations of these versatile bags. The... Read more


31 May 2019

5 Ways FIBC Bags Can Reduce Your Shipping Costs

FIBCs are not only great for your product but also your business. These bulk bags are not just environmentally friendly, versatile and practical, you can also add cost-effective... Read more


22 May 2019

Small leak, big problems: keeping your MAP safe with Masterpack

As we explained in our previous blogs: it’s the inside that counts. Modified Atmosphere not only protects your product from pests, contamination and oxidation, it also keeps it... Read more


14 May 2019

How MAP changed the food industry forever

Oxygen as the enemy: it seems like a big contradiction, but in the food industry it couldn’t be truer. Food producers have known for decades that exposing food to air,... Read more


6 May 2019

Big Bags, Big Benefits: advantages of a FIBC

In the world of packaging, bigger often is better. In the 1940s, the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container was introduced, also known as the FIBC or Big Bag. Their forerunners were... Read more


30 April 2019

5 reasons to choose Masterpack

What makes a partner in packaging great instead of just good? At Masterpack, we have built our solutions around the needs and wishes of our clients. We offer an all-in-one... Read more


11 March 2019

Masterpack: Quality for over a century

Almost every industry imaginable has changed tremendously over the course of time. At Masterpack, we have not only adapted to the evolving needs of our clients - we also tried to... Read more