5 Industries that benefit from Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Posted on 3 September 2021

If you think about Modified Atmosphere Packaging, you automatically think of all the implications for the food industry. Longer shelf life, no pests, and no chemicals: the benefits are limitless. But the technique of Modified Atmosphere Packaging benefits more types of products than just food. In this article, we’ll give you some examples of industries who are working with MAP every day, and who are revolutionizing their supply chain with it.

#1 Food products

We’ll start with the most obvious one. The food industry can go great lengths, quite literally, thanks to Modified Atmosphere packaging. What are the benefits?

  • MAP keeps food tasting, smelling and looking great
  • It elongates the shelf life
  • It makes it easier to predict how much to produce
  • It makes it possible to ship and store products further and longer
  • It fights pest without the use of chemicals
  • It reduces food spillage

#2 Organic products

There’s a specific part of the food industry that particularly loves Modified Atmosphere Packaging: organic food producers. With traditional technologies, products can only be treated with chemicals to fight pests or keep them tasty and safe for longer. That doesn't fit the picture of organic products. Without any treatment at all, the supply chain is very limited because spoilage happens fast.


Thanks to Modified Atmosphere Packaging, a wide range of organic products can now be treated safely, without losing the quality or using chemicals. This fits perfectly in the trend of consumers wanting more and more organic products that don't harm them or the environment. 

#3 Cannabis products

To keep the quality of hemp good, producers and shippers have to take extremely good care of it. The product is incredibly sensitive to oxygen, humidity, light and temperature fluctuations. If those conditions aren’t optimal, the product starts to degrade quickly, and there won't be much left of its bioactive components (CBD and THC) by the time it gets to the user. 


With Modified Atmosphere packaging and the right storage conditions, this can be prevented relatively easily. Modified Atmosphere helps maintain an optimal respiration rate inside the packaging. This ensures that the THC levels, taste and color stay great. To find out more about the benefits of MAP for the cannabis industry, check out our dedicated blog. 

#4 Dairy powder

Powdered substances like dairy powder need solid protection against moisture, or they are immediately spoiled or ruined. A big bag with liner does a lot of the heavy lifting, but that doesn't stop the development of any moisture inside the bag. That’s where Modified Atmosphere comes in: it keeps the product ‘dry’, plus it prevents any pests.

#5 Pharmaceuticals

Another industry that is loving Modified Atmosphere Packaging for sensitive products, is pharma. Powders and pills, and loose ingredients, all need to be protected from oxygen and moisture. If it's stored in suboptimal conditions, this could damage the effectiveness of the drug. Modified Atmosphere packaging makes sure that the products go from A to B in the safest way possible.

Do you see the benefits for your business?

Let’s explore them together. Message our experts to find out how we can make MAP work for you.

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