Why plant visits should be the standard when buying Big Bags

Posted on 10 November 2022

If it were up to us, we wouldn’t sell you a single big bag without visiting your production facility to make sure it’s the right fit. 

Frustratingly enough, we can't just rely on samples and specs being sent back and forth: even if it seems like dimensions are set and we just need to copy-paste it, we see it go wrong a lot more than it needs to.

In this article, we’ll explain why we want to make plant visits the new norm when delivering FIBCs, and the benefits for you.

Why we can't rely on specs and samples

Oftentimes, clients will deliver us the specifications of the bag they (think they) need. While guidelines are appreciated, we don't just want to blindly follow these dimensions, because of several reasons.

  • The specs could be outdated or wrongly measured
  • The specs could work technically, but there can be ways to make the bag even better with different specs
  • Every supplier uses different terminology, uses different measuring systems or uses a different format for a spec sheet: a lot can get lost in translation

We don’t want to create any FIBC from a bad example. With tailored FIBCs with or without liners, this is especially crucial.

What happens if the specs are wrong?

Not only does it cost more time to fix mistakes, it can also drive up costs significantly. This could affect your production process and even products, especially if they are seasonal. 

Not only that: we want you to be happy with your partnership with us as your supplier. That’s why investing in a plant visit will pay itself back over time, and helps us make sure your needs are met.

what happens during a plant visit?

Plant visits can happen at two stages: before we start creating samples and bags, and after.

When we visit for our initial measurements, we take a tour of the facility to see what you are working with, and what type of bag would fit seamlessly into your production process. We check the machines and make sure we get all the right specs to create bags that fit right in.

Preferably, when our sample is done, we come back to your facility to make sure it is being tested the right way, and to see if any other tweaks can be made to optimize the bag even more.

are plant visits the norm? not yet

At Masterpack, we’re all about sustainability. Plant visits and making sure our bags are the right fit, are part of that. It helps us create less waste and build long-lasting relationships with our customers. 


If you’re looking for a new FIBC supplier and need custom bags, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for a call.


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