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10 May 2021

How to determine if you can reuse an FIBC

Sustainability and safety go hand in hand. And there’s much more to be done than recycling and repurposing products, Big Bags included. However, there are certain cases in which... Read more

30 April 2021

FIBC and crucial quality standards

Quality control is one of the most crucial aspects in your supply chain. Not only for your products, but also for your packaging solutions. After all, the two are directly... Read more

24 September 2020

The Importance of Permeability in Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Modified Atmosphere packaging works two ways: it keeps the quality of the product in, and pests and contamination out. To keep the outer and inner world of the packaged product... Read more

28 August 2020

How MAP benefits your business

We’ve explained the advantages of modified atmosphere packaging for the products you pack: maintained quality, extended shelf life, and the protection against pests and... Read more

23 April 2020

The difference between CAS, MAP and Vacuum Packaging

Drying, freezing, pasteurization and much more — there are many methods of food preservation around, and have been, for ages. But it wasn’t until we took a closer look at the... Read more


22 November 2019

Safety first: things to keep in mind when choosing an FIBC

The safety of an FIBC is not only related to the product inside and protecting it from pests and contamination. Where it goes and how it will be handled also plays a big part in... Read more

How to handle pest control

2 January 2019

How to handle pest control through Modified Atmosphere in bulk packaging

The bulk storage of many food products creates perfect breeding conditions for all kinds of insects. Pests often start small and can be hard to detect in the early stages - but... Read more

Modified Atmosphere - Masterpack

18 December 2018

Small insects, big damage: SPI’s in the food industry

Pests and contamination: the consequences can be enormous, even though the cause might be small - miniscule, in fact. Research has shown that stored product insects (SPIs) cause... Read more