Smart Farming and Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Posted on 14 oktober 2021

Everything is smart nowadays, from our phones to our fridges. But it doesn't stop there. Smart Farming is being adopted across the globe, and is especially making a big difference in less developed countries when it comes to optimizing their agriculture.

But what is Smart Farming, and how does Modified Atmosphere fit into the picture? In this blog, we’ll explain the concept and show you how Modified Atmosphere Packaging is the logical next step.

What is Smart Farming?

Smart Farming is part of the Third Green Revolution and is predicted to be the future of farming. 

After the plant breeding and genetics revolutions, Farm Tech now focuses on optimizing agriculture using state-of-the-art technologies. This goes from precision farming equipment to drones, and even to Big Data. 

The goal of Smart Farming is to minimize the impact on the environment and to work more efficiently, while also optimizing harvest quantities and the quality of the food. 

Thanks to these technologies, farming is becoming more sustainable and resource-efficient.  

What kind of technologies should you be picturing? Think drones that inspect hundreds of acres to monitor the crops. Sensors in the ground that detect insects, so you know when to take action. Laser-focused watering systems that work with weather predictions, so not a drop goes to waste. This is called precision farming, focused on minimizing waste and harmful practices and maximizing production and safety. 

How is Modified Atmosphere Packaging related to this?

If Smart Farming is a thing, it should be followed by Smart Packaging, to reap the most benefits of these new technologies. It’s crucial to also optimize the processes that take place after harvest, and Modified Atmosphere fits in that picture perfectly. 

So, Modified Atmosphere Packaging is the next step after precision farming and smart farming. By adding this to your production and supply chain, you make it an even more sustainable practice and get more control over your products.

Are you curious to learn more about how Modified Atmosphere Packaging can make a difference in your supply chain? Reach out to our team to ask your questions.

Want to work towards sustainable supply chain management?

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