Masterpack: the best partner against pests

Posted on 1 February 2019

As we pointed out in an earlier blog, the consequences of pests in food packaging can be devastating to all parties involved - not only for the economic outcomes but all the more for consumer health. Choosing a reliable party for safe food packaging is therefore key. Looking for the best in the business that is still improving each day? Meet Masterpack, your partner in pest prevention and control.

Masterpack - The best partner against pest

Prevention is better than cure

At Masterpack, we use a technique of pest prevention that eliminates the negative side effects of chemical and biological pest control while being all the more efficient and effective: Modified Atmosphere.

The Modified Atmosphere technique for bulk bags and FIBCs can be used preventively, so you don’t need to worry about a thing when your packed goods are in transfer. Masterpack does not believe in one-size-fits-all and knows it simply doesn’t work in effectively treating pests. That is why all our bulk packaging solutions are tailor-made. The Modified Atmosphere will be individually composed to perfectly meet your product’s needs.

This technique not only stops possible pests from being able to grow, but it also benefits the packed goods. Shelf life is prolonged while the quality is maintained. All in one way of packaging. But, it doesn’t stop there. The use of Modified Atmosphere by Masterpack not only benefits your product and therefore business, but also the environment since there is no use of chemicals or harmful pesticides. This also makes it suitable for organic food.

Producing in Clean Rooms and the use of the Sensor Spot technology allows us to secure and check your product, decreasing risks of contamination to a minimum.

Leading in packaging solutions

We are continuously developing and improving our products for the sake of improving yours. Let’s work together to a more sustainable supply chain and a better way of business. Get in touch with our experts or read more about our solutions on our blog.

Want to work towards sustainable supply chain management?

At Masterpack, we are continuously working towards better ways to pack and protect products. We proudly present our newest solution: Modified Atmosphere for FIBC’s. Download our latest whitepapers:

Testing and improving your packaging (1,6MB)
Modified Atmosphere in FIBC's (6,4MB)
Pest prevention and control in bulk packaging (2,8MB)

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