How to determine if you can reuse an FIBC

Posted on 10 mei 2021

Sustainability and safety go hand in hand. And there’s much more to be done than recycling and repurposing products, Big Bags included. However, there are certain cases in which you can confidently reuse a bulk bag. But how do you know if this is one of those cases?

Let’s look at what factors to assess to determine if it’s a good idea to reuse a bag or not. 

Why reuse bags in the first place?

FIBCs are cost-effective and efficient. All the more when you can use them more than just once. And if it’s safe to reuse a bag, you’ll be doing the environment a favor too. No extra bag needs to be produced, nor shipped to you. 

What to look out for:

Damages in the material

  • Look out for anything from rips holes to mold and splinters. Also check the straps and of course the seams.
  • But also look beyond that. The conditions that a bag has been stored in and the product inside could have affected the material of the bag, be it in a less visible way. 

If you find any of these damages, it’s most likely not a good idea to repurpose the bag in your day-to-day business. You could however find other purposes for it. 

The history of the bag

Read the label. Or look at the resume of your FIBC bag, so to speak. Where has it been, what was inside it? 

  • If a bag has traveled the world shipping hazardous materials for instance, you’ll want to reconsider reusing it for other products. This could cause cross contamination and have big consequences for your business. In most cases, reusing of bags is only recommended for transporting the same product, as to prevent contamination of products.
  • If the bag has been exposed to extreme heat or humidity, you can also not take its safety for granted. UV damage could harm the quality of the bag as well. 
  • If the bag has been handled or stacked improperly, it is possible it has lost its shape, meaning future stacking and filling could cause problems. 

Replace the liner

If a bag is deemed safe for use and can be cleaned properly, it is recommended to take out and replace the existing liner. 

Want to know more about quality control for FIBCs?

We’re here to help. Reach out to our team to get all the info you need. 

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