FIBCs in Agriculture

Posted on 3 June 2021

We talk a lot about how FIBCs benefit businesses, and are especially popular for food. But if we take one step back, we see another industry that benefits from these versatile bags, and is directly related to our food industry. 

Agriculture is an industry that does a lot, and therefore also needs a lot. Throughout the year and seasons farmers have different needs when it comes to storing and transporting the materials they need for fertilizing their crops and harvesting their products. 

Bulk Bags can fulfill a lot of those needs, keeping everything safe - from grain to crop. Here’s what you need to know about Big Bags in agriculture. 

Benefits of using FIBCs in agriculture

  • Farmers can pick from a great variety of (customized) bags to fit their different needs
  • Big bags are cost-effective
  • FIBCs are easy to store
  • Bulk Bags are often compatible with equipment already used on farms 
  • Big Bags can help fight contamination and pests (even more when combined with Modified Atmosphere) 

The shape and size of big bags can make a day at the farm easier: they can easily store more product and can be stored in a space-efficient way. 

Storing crops and seeds in Big Bags

One of the most popular uses of Big Bags is for storing crops and seeds. The good thing about Big Bags is that they can be used for almost the entire process of shipping, all the way to sales. 

FIBCs keep products like these safe and prevent any pests from outside coming into the bag and ruining the product if combined with Modified Atmosphere. 

Even products like fertilizer, that comes in many shapes and sizes, can be stored in big bags - whether it's liquid or dry or anything in between. 

Are you in the agricultural industry and looking for a big bag supplier?

We might have exactly what you need, plus years of experience to help you make the best decisions. Reach out to our team to find out what we can do for you.

Want to work towards sustainable supply chain management?

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