FIBC applications: ultra-high-performance Big Bags for Mining

Posted on 9 July 2020

From food to chemicals and from powders to stones: FIBCs are as versatile as it gets. In this blog, we highlight the application for mining and mineral products. Let’s take a look at some of the specifications that make FIBCs the way to go in this industry.

Extreme products, extremely high standards

The transportation and storage of mining and mineral products require extremely strong products. For this industry, we develop custom FIBCs of high quality suitable for heavy use. We combine our experience with our clients’ needs to create the best possible solution. We make sure we comply with all regulations and minimize the risk of human and environmental harm.


Bulk packaging for the mining industry requirements:

  • Safe and effortless filling and discharging possibilities
  • Keeping the product, people and the environment safe during storage and transport
  • Preserving the mineral quality
  • Protecting the minerals against chemical and physical damage, as well as contamination
  • The heavy weight and abrasive nature of the products wear down and can rip weaker materials: meaning the strongest material is needed for safe handling
  • Sustainable and solid packaging
  • Cost efficiency

We create custom mining and mineral packaging solutions

In one of our case studies, we explain how we created a special bulk bag for mining applications.

The challenge:

Our customer was in search of a flexible packaging solution that offered the very best protection for their robust iron ore. What made this challenging, was that the ore has an extremely high specific gravity - even higher than steel. A flexible packaging solution needed to be extremely strong and have outstanding endurance.

The solution:

After analyzing the dimensions and quality requirements we developed an extreme heavy-duty FIBC. After thorough testing, we delivered a bulk bag with a special double-walled system to gain extra strength. This 70 cm high FIBC is able to hold 2.2 tons of ore and meets the safety factor 5:1.

Find out more about the process and how we did this in our case study

Pack, protect and transport extreme products

Masterpack Group brings sustainable solutions to your supply chain, also for the mining industry. Get in touch with our team to find out what we can do for you.

Want to work towards sustainable supply chain management?

At Masterpack, we are continuously working towards better ways to pack and protect products. We proudly present our newest solution: Modified Atmosphere for FIBC’s. Download our latest whitepapers:

Testing and improving your packaging (1,6MB)
Modified Atmosphere in FIBC's (6,4MB)
Pest prevention and control in bulk packaging (2,8MB)
The Modified Atmosphere Packaging Process Whitepaper

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